MBS Day Ahead: As Treasuries Consolidate, MBS Have Been Outperforming

As many of you are likely tired of hearing, bonds have been locked in an increasingly narrow trading. month-end imbalances causing excess weakness over the past 2 days). MBS Pricing Snapshot.

MBS Day Ahead: Cue The Thanksgiving Consolidation. Best explanation I have heard regarding consolidation. Thank you for that!. Both stocks and bonds have been edging back into less panicked.

One of the best side effects of the recent consolidation has been the outperformance of MBS vs Treasuries. We often talk about the fact that MBS like stability and predictability . Conversely, they tend to underperform when the broader bond market is making a big move into levels that haven’t been seen in a while.

In my view, it’s one of the reasons bonds have been able to hold near longer-term lows even as stocks. of buying demand as soon as this economic cycle finally begins to shift. MBS Pricing Snapshot.

American Capital Agency Pushes around Ginnie Mae TBAs.. (mortgage-backed security) and a Ginnie Mae MBS is that Ginnies have an explicit guarantee from the federal government.. which is one.

MBS Day Ahead: Too Early To Cue The Holiday Trading Vibes? – When bonds have been in a relatively strong trend for better or worse heading into the 3rd week of December, we tend to see a consolidation or a continuation. of gravity for a slightly wider range..

"Consolidation" has. With 10yr yields beginning the day around 2.24%, we’re still consolidating, but we should be on guard against the possibility that we could begin "correcting" if these key.

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MBS Day Ahead: Bonds at Least Have a Chance; MBS Day Ahead: Bonds at Least Have a Chance. 2018 Comments Off on MBS Day Ahead: Bonds at Least Have a Chance. Posted To: MBS Commentary. I’ve been pretty bearish on bonds, in general, since the end of 2016.. the more we may wonder if we’re.

The program currently consists of buying $45 billion Treasuries and $40 billion agency MBS each month. The 10-year Treasury note hit a high yield of 2.89% late Wednesday and got as cheap as 2.936% in Asian trading hours Thursday. The issue settled at 2.81% on Tuesday afternoon as was as low as 2.55% a week or so ago. After outperforming earlier.

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