Selling a home: When should you reduce the asking price?

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Regardless, your ‘offer’ may sound quite attractive, and they might come back with a number much lower than the asking price. Even if they don’t, their answer will probably tell you something. Back in my college days I had to sell my car to move across country for school.

Generalized example: Your target number is $16k. They come back with $16.5k. Potential strategies might involve (a) countering with a lower price, or (b) asking for additions, such as; accessories, warranties, etc.; to help you "feel okay" about the higher price.

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People generally set up search parameters by price when looking online for a home. Let’s say your house is worth $319,000, but you’re asking $330,000. You won’t capture buyers who search for houses within the $300,000 to $325,000 range.

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After he’s signed the purchase offer and you receive notice that he’s accepted your price, you’re locked into the deal. If you find out after the fact that similar homes in the area are selling for $275,000, you’ve cost yourself $10,000. You can get a good idea of what the home is honestly worth by doing a little research first.

 · Should You Sell Your Home Furnished? How It Could Help-or Hurt-the Deal July 10, 2019. Allen J. schaben/los angeles times via Getty Images. One of the hardest parts about selling your home is the hassle of moving all of your furniture out before a new buyer moves in. Sometimes it might seem easier to just leave everything behind, walk away.

It hadn’t sold after 60 days on the market. To sell it, the price had to be less than anything else in the neighborhood, which was the very reason the seller had purchased the home in the first place. After a $60,000 price reduction, the house attracted two buyers and sold almost immediately.

Your asking price is the opening salvo in the process of selling your home, and it shouldn’t reflect what you hope or even need to get for your property. If a real estate agent helps you set the asking price, he’ll probably base his recommendation on a comparative market analysis.