Don’t be a victim of mortgage fraud

Protecting Yourself from mortgage wire fraud. naturally, you don’t want mortgage wire fraud to happen to you. Here are some guidelines to keep you from becoming a victim. First, be on the lookout for the possibility of mortgage wire fraud. Be aware that a criminal could target you and proceed accordingly.

In 2017 alone, 9,645 victims reported real estate fraud, resulting in losses of more than $56.2 million, according to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Mortgage fraud: unlikely, but possible According to the FBI, you are not the most likely victim of mortgage fraud – most cases are perpetrated by borrowers against mortgage lenders. Often those involve exaggerations, white lies or outright falsehoods on loan applications.

Don’t Be a Victim of Mortgage Fraud Mortgage fraud has become more prevalent throughout the nation and especially so in Georgia, particularly the Atlanta metropolitan area. mortgage fraud has wreaked havoc on neighborhoods, ruined individuals’ credit standing, and caused many millions of dollars of losses in Georgia.

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Unfortunately, many senior citizens fall victim to scammers, who convince them to take out a reverse mortgage they don't understand. And most of the time, the.

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Wire fraud is nothing new in the mortgage industry but hackers are getting more and more intelligent with improved ways to identify personal information. At Churchill Mortgage, we take the privacy and security of personal data very seriously.

Appraisal fraud is not uncommon in the mortgage industry. Unfortunately, because of the way the mortgage business works, there’s an incentive for appraisers to “tweak” the numbers, almost always up.

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Mortgage Fraud. If you feel you are a victim of mortgage fraud, do not hesitate to contact Kupillas & Unger at (212) 655-9536 for a free phone consultation with a mortgage fraud attorney in New York City. We handle mortgage fraud cases in the five New York Boroughs: Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens,